Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too picky?

Hello to all of you my faithful readers:

I could use an injection of energy today after my whirlwind tour of a couple of networking events last night. I consider last night a success as I met quite a few people that could help me out on both the business and personal levels. It was also great getting to hang out with one of my co-workers J-Dub and our mutual friend EB! J-Dub is a lot of fun and who knew she could shake her groove thang with the best of us!

I'll talk about one guy in particular that struck my fancy last night at the VMix/Buzz networking event (although I met a few). We'll call him N.O. Lawyer because I found out in conversation that he works as a financial lawyer (still have no idea what he really does), hasn't watched a music video in years (WHAT? for those of you that know me well it's pretty much a staple for me) and he's into sports. He seems nice enough and we had a bit of witty banter in our 15 minute conversation. I'm realizing that on all most of my initial conversations with men I never got to the most important information like is he single? So if we have a follow-up conversation I plan to get to the bottom of that mystery immediately. I liked his personality so much that I think he'd make a good friend for me; he was just such a chill and laughed at some of my jokes.

Now on to the real reason for this blog. Now I mentioned in yesterday's blog that I've been corresponding with a few people online at Well in the spirit of being open minded I have relaxed my rigid standards just a bit, but I have to draw the line somewhere and I think my line stops right at - Poorgrammarspellingville. I also draw the line at people who seem to have stalker tendancies before I even meet them. So for your reading pleasure here are a few excerpts from a couple of my potential suitors:

Meet Mystervee (posted as sent):

Right now I'm taking class to keep busy while i have sometime off from work. My last project i worked on was Citifield the new Shea stadium.
My job is pretty cool considering all good things come to a end but it 's the camaraderie's of meeting new pple and no matter what it's always a better project on the horizon!

In my time i usually purchase property for a fast buck! I'm good with my hand's so it really come natural. I went to a auction on sat to see the average home now sells for 50K wow!

So when I'm not doing either I'm on my motorcycle or travel ling with a good book. I'm headed to London next week to catch with some friend's.

Meet dadoo14 (stalker who also has bad spelling and grammer errors):

Hie my new friend,
i made two attempted to see if you were on, but unfortunately you weren't. I hope you have a good time in those events, please make sure you don't have too much, because you were the only one i expected to have some fun with. You know i truely want to be in contact with you. I miss you so very much, i can not wait to be just there for you and you for me. Good night, sleep well and if somehow you have a chance to come online, leave me a message.

Now I pose this question to all of you my dear readers-- am I being too picky? I really think the first online guy Mystervee is attractive physically and he seems interesting (albeit unemployed). Can I forgive his lack of spell check and poor sentence structure and just make sure we never write to each other again? The stalker guy makes me nervous and I sent him a note saying he was making me uncomfortable because we didn't know each other well enough to miss each other. What do you think? I'm looking forward to seeing some of your comments on this one!


Anonymous said...

wow. totally UNACCEPTABLE! and so UN-SEXY!

Brooke said...

Give first guy a chance, some people really just don't pay attention to spelling and grammar on an informal site, so I get that. But second dude needs to be black history...

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks for commenting Anonymous. I agree it really is un-sexy. Brooke I def think the stalker will be black history as you say. Love that phrase girl!

Anonymous said...

GP - You and I should go to dinner or for drinks and I will tell you all about my online dating woes. As your friend A's friend I can say daddoo 14 is bad news. Don't reply. Don't feel guilty. have fun this weekend, sorry for not making it. "cowgirl" SN.

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks Cowgirl! :o) I definitely need to hear your stories... I'm working on being more open, but online dating is still pretty scary for me. It drives me crazy seeing all of the typos and just plain horrible profiles! I'll let you know how things go this weekend.