Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday and I have a date! (I think)

Hello my faithful readers:

Happy Friday to you! As usual I'm very happy to see this weekend come. This week in general has been quite busy for me at work and I feel a sense of accomplishment for the first time in weeks. My weekend is shaping up to be busier than I planned. I have a date tonight, a date tomorrow and on Sunday I'll be celebrating Brookey's birthday with the girls at the
Ne-yo/Musiq / Jazmine Sullivan concert at Radio City Music Hall. I am super excited about life right now and I keep pinching myself, because while the world seems to be crumbling around us all, things for me personally are moving in the right direction.

Yesterday I finally heard from Mystervee after his trip to London. He texted me (apparently our little conversation about my preference for phone calls didn't register at all) asking me how my day was going. I texted him back telling him I was headed to French class and said I'd call him later. I did call him back (HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR ME) when I got home after class and we had a nice conversation. I learned a little bit more about him and if I'm completely honest with you guys, I like him a little bit more after our chat last night. He continues to surprise me, but the one thing I get from him is that he seems to be an adventure junkie. This is my own little mini-profile of him based on the little I know about him; he's taken flying lessons before he rides a motorcycle and is into action sports.

I've heard him mention to me twice now in separate conversations that he wants someone spontaneous. I asked him to explain what he meant by that yesterday and he said "I want someone who doesn't take forever to get ready and he doesn't want to hear about her problems with her hair." Now for me this doesn't necessarily mean a person is spontaneous. However, I get the feeling that he's a last minute plans kind of guy. Last minute planning goes totally against my nature although I love being spontaneous as much as the next person. Personally I need to have a general outline of my plans and activities so that I can fit in all of the things I have to get done on a daily basis.

This morning I received a lovely early morning (8:30 AM) text from him saying "Sorry for babbling so much last night but I would like 2 c u," My response text was "I want to c u too, how about Saturday? U weren't babbling." I have mentioned before on this blog that I like to have my dates planned ahead - even if I didn't have another date tonight, I probably would have insisted on doing something on my next available free night. We're meeting up tomorrow for our second date. We have not confirmed what we're doing, but I want him to come up with something this time. I'll admit that pushing the date to my preferred day was a small win for me and my ego. I hope that if we decide to date each other more we can find a compromise for scheduling our time together that makes both of us happy.

Tonight I'm supposed to have a coffee date with The E-card Stalker and I am working to keep a positive attitude about it. He called me last night and left me a voicemail message (when I was in transit from French class) asking me to call him back to confirm our plans. I called him back, but never heard from him. If I don't hear from him today I'm going home after work. I'll let you know on Monday what happens with him.

Thanks again for all the love and support for the blog. I love hearing from you all and sharing your experiences with me. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Keep warm this weekend if you're up here in NYC - it's supposed to be cold!


Georgia Peach


Georgia Peach said...

So I confirmed my date with The E-card Stalker tonight.

Anonymous said...

Aww Glea!

I got from him about "someone who doesn't take forever to get ready and he doesn't want to hear about her problems with her hair." is someone low maintenance rather than spontaneous. I generally like to have a general idea ahead of time what I am going to do in order to prepare myself mentally (especially if the thought of my couch and a bowl of ice cream has been on my mind all day!). While I admire spontaneity, I do have a problem with someone making last minute plans with me whom I have just met weather it is intentional or not, I just feel like they aren't making an effort to make time for me rather have me as an after thought.

Be sure to share the date! :-)