Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The E-card Stalker re-visited

Hello my faithful readers:

I hope that you all had a wonderful long weekend, I spent the weekend re-charging my battery after running myself a little ragged over the past few weeks. On Friday night my friend AG and I had dinner together. She inspired me with the story of how she and her fiance met and eventually got together and as I've heard from most of my friends the right one usually comes along when you're not really looking. My friend The Roodster's birthday celebration was also Friday night and I spent the night with our mutual friend PB, learning how to identify a Six Figure Man. PB is a self proclaimed expert and is currently hunting for a rich woman to marry him. After such an event filled week I decided taking a break was best for me and my health.

Now most of you who know me are aware that I celebrate Singles Awareness Day. I only sent one e-card that day and it was in response to another sappy e-card from 'The E-card Stalker."
Here's a link to the card I sent just because I couldn't take it anymore!:


Too mean? You decide although I thought it was pretty funny myself. He called me last night in response to my e-mail to him last week. I hadn't heard anything from him other than the lame e-card on V-day. Our conversation was sort of stilted just because when he called I didn't recognize the number and I said hello. We had an awkward couple of "Hello" exchanges until I finally impatiently said "Who is this?" He responded it's "The E-card Stalker" from Yahoo Personals. He proceeded to ask if I'd received his e-card and I said "Oh yea, I got your e-card and I sent one back to you."

I won't get into the rest of our awkward conversation, but we tentatively set up to have a quick coffee date on Friday. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but this guy rubbed me the wrong way on the phone. I know that some of this is all manufactured in my mind, but one of the main issues I have with him is that he sent me sappy e-cards before meeting me in person. It's just too weird for me. Hope you have a great week!


Brooke said...

That wasn't mean, but the E-card would have rubbed me the wrong way too. Good luck with your date!

Mellanie said...

I dont think it was mean at all. Good luck trying to get your 1st impression of him out of your head before the date, but kudos for trying :-) I agree with you 100%, someone sending me sappy cards before he knows anything about me besides, my name, just sends up a red flag and is a huge turn off! It's such a fake and thoughtless move. Then again, I dont know if thats the cynic in me talking?