Friday, March 20, 2009

Second dates...

Hello my faithful readers:

It's SPRING! Although we're getting a little snow up here on the first day of spring here in NYC, today might be the BEST Friday yet! My boss is on vacation for the next couple of days (WHOO HOO) and yesterday I booked my flight to Brussels for next month. This week has been super busy for me; more than anything in this world I want to go home tonight, put on my pj's, snuggle in my bed (the MOST comfortable place in this world) and eat some cakesters. BUT, I can't. Why not? Because I have a date tonight!

Tonight I have a date with Mr. Ex (our 2nd one) and we're going to see "I Love You Man." I'm super excited (about the movie) because I've wanted to see it since I first heard my movie star boyfriend, Paul Rudd, is in it. :o) Plus it looks funny and I desperately need to see a comedy right now after such an intense few weeks. We're going to a late-ish movie and I hope that I can stay awake for it.

Yesterday Mr. Ex called me as I was walking to pick up some lunch. I mentioned off hand that my Saturday plans for the daytime had been cancelled. I also mentioned that I was GLAD to have my time back because I needed to run some errands and clean my apartment. Last night Mr. Ex called me and said he remembered my plans changed and thought he should give me a call because he though I might want to change our date for tomorrow during the day because he would need to take Friday off from work. I said no, I wanted to keep the Friday night date because I needed Saturday to take care of some personal things. He was weird about it and when I pressed him further on it he was like "Oh no, I'm ok to do Friday night, it's ok, I can take Friday off, don't feel bad about it." I said "I don't feel bad about it, but why did you suggest a Friday night date if you couldn't do it.?" He was like oh I did take Friday off, I'll just have to go in to work on Saturday morning to make up for it. WTF? I personally think this was a LIE. I just sensed he hadn't make the proper arrangements from what he was saying earlier. Then when I called him on it, he was like oh yes I did take Friday off. Don't make a suggestion then try to passive aggresively get me to change my plans. Say what you mean and make a straight up request like a REAL MAN. I'm sure he did want to change the plans, but he didn't ask me in a straight up fashion and I'm no mind reader.

Tomorrow night I'm supposed to go out on a 2nd date with The E-card Stalker. I've been reading a book called "The Art of Seduction" and he falls into one of the categories they have called "The Anti-Seducer." He still sends me sappy e-cards (I got one on Monday and I wanted to rip my eyelids off after reading it) and our phone conversations remain very stilted. I know I'm partly to blame, but EVERY single conversation he whines to me, that I'm hard to reach; but when I return his phone calls he takes nearly a week to return my calls. WTF? Personally I have already decided he's playing games, but I will go on this 2nd date because I did enjoy his company on our first date and prior to going out with him there felt like his phone conversation left a lot to be desired. If it's a bust, then I'll have my confirmation and will move on from the situation. He's planning this date (at my insistence) and I just hope that I'll have a good time.

So two 2nd dates this weekend. This should offer some funny stories on Monday I suppose. I just hope I can stay awake to survive both of them. I need some down time so on Sunday I plan to put in some much needed veg time. I hope that your week has been as wonderful as mine and thank you again for reading my blog. I love hearing from you and if you like what you're reading don't be afraid to comment or become a follower (at the very least). :o) SHAMELESS PLUG I know, but feed my ego just a little why don't ya? Have a great time this weekend and enjoy the spring!


Georgia Peach


Brooke said...

I haven't been on a second date in a LONG time. Hell, I haven't been on any FIRST dates either for a hot minute. So that is why I'm so excited for you. I live vicariously thru your blogs since I'm inactive myself - so I hope you have a great time on both and I look forward to reading about them on Monday. Have a fun time! And get some rest! :-)

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks Brooke! You should get out there girl. You're too beautiful a person to not be dating right now, unless you just need the time for yourself. Get out there - it's tough, but you can do it!

One of my readers pointed out that I come off as really angry in a lot of my blogs because I focus on the minutiae of my irritations. I promise that I am indeed happy and will put an end to this whole project once it isn't fun. I'll remember not to get so angry in the future, but I just wanted to illustrate some of the silly stuff that comes out of these guys mouths.

Latinegro said...

First, I want to say that I like your blog. I think you write very well.

2...I absolutely hated dating! It is not that I didnt think I could get a woman, it was becuase of the knuckleheads that I am up against. Most guys will act shady and will make the rest of us look bad...

C...I never understood why any woman would still go out with any guy who they find annoying after the second date. I know you mentioned you had a good time after the date, but hell, if a woman annoyed me I would be giving her the boot...

Last, I kinda play devils advocate we may be debating alot. :)

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks LN for stopping by and showing some love! :o)

I have to say that so far only a couple of the guys have been REALLY shady. I have a good selection so far, but dating is tough and in the end it's a big weeding out process to see what works best for me and the other person.

The reason I'm giving The E-card Stalker a 2nd chance is because I really was annoyed by him prior to our first date too, but in person he seems to be much better. I think that once we get through this date I'll figure out whether it was a fluke and whether there's enough of anything to see him a 3rd time. I think he's a good man ultimately, just does some things that drive me a little crazy and maybe they are a result of cultural/age differences.