Monday, March 9, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

Hello my faithful readers:

It's Monday and after having such great weather in NYC this weekend I'm wondering where it all went! I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend and took the time out to enjoy yourselves and the great weather (at least a little bit). Enough of my kvetching about the bad weather I'm proclaiming that this week is going to be fantastic! I feel it in my bones...

This weekend was action packed and I started things off with a bang (sort of) by having a catch-up dinner with a friend of mine (Little Miss) who I haven't seen in forever. She has a new guy in her life that sounds like someone who would be a good man and compliment for her personality. After dinner we headed over to The Slipper Room where we had a nice time checking out a little bit of the Burlesque show that night. Little Miss is currently taking Burlesque classes and I'm considering taking this class when I get some extra dough. I think some burlesque acts are VERY sexy and I believe there can ever be too much sexy in my life.

Saturday night I had a great time hanging out with The Roodster and Lil B at Target's 1st Saturday party at the Brooklyn Museum. The place was packed and diverse and although I wasn't necessarily prepared for a night full of electronica/house music, I still managed to have a good time just watching the eye candy walk by and talking to people. I think all of Brooklyn was out and about that night and I met a couple of people (one very friendly guy fresh off the boat from Croatia) and a couple of handsome men who are friends of my friend DigiJay. Digi Jay was there too and I harassed him to introduce me to his people - DJ you never did, but it's all good because I got to meet them later when we bumped into them later on with The Roodster. I was hoping to see them later on at one of the many after parties in the local hood, but they ended up going home and only one of them came back out later that night.

We ended up heading over to Soda Bar which was a no-frills bar, lounge not far from the museum and in their hip-hop room they had one of the best DJ's I've heard in a while (can't recall his name right now). He was playing all of the hip-hop/R&B hits from the mid-late 90's and early 2000's and boy did I shake my groove thang all night long! The room was full of eye candy and all of Brooklyn's finest. I decided to let loose and get my drink on... and on. I got a little tipsy and very friendly with my new friend Mr. Smell Good. I kept tapping him to get his attention and then turning away ( like I was in the 2nd grade I know) and then finally I asked him if he was hot in his coat. I told him he made me hot just seeing him in it and then he finally took it off and we talked for a bit and asked what scent he was wearing and he told me. From then it was ON.

Mr. Smell Good falls into the category of my big weakness when it comes to men. He was cute and he was 6'5. This is my type I guess you could say just because I ALWAYS feel like a woman when I'm with a man this tall. We talked for a bit and I found out that he's 34, lives in Bedstuy not far from where I love, works in the mental health field and he is in a "complicated relationship." Now normally even continuing a conversation with somebody that's in any type of relationship is a BIG no-no for me and I told him that I believe in karma and didn't want to be disrespectful to his relationship no matter what the status is... by the way I HATE that facebook has given validity to the whole complicated relationship status; I think it's BS (either you're together or you're not)!

We continued to get to know each other and I have to say that we had a strong physical attraction if nothing else. Mr. Smell Good and I were all over each other like white on rice and we got into a groove which for me is always a good thing. I'm making this PG, but I'll say that we would be good together doing the horizontal mambo (if our short time together was any sign). I'm not sure I will give him a call even though he gave me his number before he left. His situation sounds way too messy for me to get into right now and although he told me that "It was already too late for his situation before he met me" I don't even want to deal with finding out. I just hope I haven't completely messed my karma too badly by knowingly involving myself in whatever his situation is (no matter how small my part was); I never like to think of myself as trifling and if I heard this story in the context of this being my man all hugged up on some strange chic in the club, I would call the other girl (me) trifling as well as my man and probably leave his a$$.

If I decide that what I want is a "friends with benefits situation" I think Mr. Smell Good is at the top of my list. I was no angel in this situation and I realize that I should probably do some re-evaluating what I want and why I keep ending up in situations that are headed right for "friends with benefits" zone. I had fun this weekend, I blew off some steam with my friends, met some new people and maybe ended the drought I feared so much last week. I realize I still need to firm up in my mind what I want out of my dating experiences, but I also know that it's about having fun throughout this process.

I hope that you all have a fantastic week - I can't wait for what this week has in store for me. I have the feeling that something very good is about to come my way.


Georgia Peach


Anonymous said...


where do you find out about all of these events in BK (the museum, etc)?? You need to share the knowlege!!

I dont think your Karma ia messed upi because you deaded the situation before it progressed into full blown cheating. I don't think that you should call him; it may be the right man but it's the wrong time. If he is for you; you will see him again after he resolves his situation. After all, you both DO live in the same BK neighborhood!

While you are not dean, there are still some things that are off limite otherwise, you will be starting things off with Mr. Smell Good on the wrong foot - could you ever REALLY trust him?? Also, you weren't "Pure Patty" yourself so could he do the same??

Something to think about.

Annamaria said...

I AGREE!!!! You enjoyed yourself & maybe got your mojo back. Take it for what it's worth & move on. You've spent all this time trying to get the RIGHT man.. Don't settle now!

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks ladies.

@ EJ- You're right I was definitely not innocent in this situation. Girl I will let you know the next time there is a party and you can come with - it was fun!

@ Annamaria you're right I do think it was about getting my mojo back. By the way thanks for visiting my blog girl!
Have you tased anybody today? hahahaha

Brooke said...

Nothing wrong with harmless flirting and having fun...I'm all for that. But complicated relationships sound like trouble...and bullsh*t to me. Enjoy the weekend for what it's worth and leave it there. Nothing wrong with "Friends with Benefits" IF, IF IFF! that's what you want. But I don't think you want that. And if you DO...then do it with a man that's completely available. A lot of times women think that if she doesn't want a real relationship with a man, then it's okay to mess around with him while HE is in a relationship with someone else. I know that's not the case with you, but be careful. I can smell men like him a mile way (no pun intended on Mr. Smell Good)...but if you ask me, he stinks from WAY over here with that "complicated" crap. I agree with you Glee, either you're together or you're not...simple as that.

HipHopGuy said...

Listen G Money there was no context and it would have presented an awkward situation for everyone. I promise I will introduce you all at another event. They're good friends of mine so there will be plenty of opportunity.

On another note I say NJG. He was in his usual NJG disposition. I meant to tell you that night.

Good luck with 6 5 guy.

Georgia Peach said...

No worries Digi's all good. I understand I didn't mind so much b/c I know you got my back and what is meant to be will be!

I saw NJG too we spoke. NYC is just too damn small.