Friday, January 30, 2009

Night on the town...

Hello my faithful readers:

First off I have to say TGIF! This week started off pretty quietly for me, hence my lack of blog activity. Now I'm just focused on getting myself out there again now that things are starting to warm up. I kicked things off with a TV Industry Networking party for which I was a part of the host committee. Prior to heading to the party MILF and I had a lovely dinner at Ditch Plains down in Tribeca. The food was good and we both thought it would be appropriate for future dates.

I expected the party to be a low key lounge type affair, but it turned out to be a pretty sexy party. I mean full of lots of beautiful people including, Adrien Grenier of Entourage fame. The line to get into the party was wrapped around the corner; for the first half of the night I was running around like a chicken with its head cut-off pulling all of my friends in from the long line when they texted me. Once everyone was in and had received their VIP passes I was able to take a breath and grab a drink at the bar.

As a part of the Host Committee I made it a point to work the room as much as possible. One thing about me is that when I'm in the mood I have no problems small talking with people no matter who they are, but the big BUT is I have to be in the mood. Despite the irritations I'd experienced at work that darkened my mood right before the party I was ready to have a good time. I met a few people over the course of the night and one guy really piqued my interest a guy we'll call "Youngun" because I found out later from a friend of mine that he's only like 25 or 26 years old. Can anyone say Cougar???

To be honest I really don't recall much of my conversation with "Youngun" because he was just so beautiful to me. I'd noticed him when I first walked into the party and thought he was security because he spent so much time standing all by himself near the entrance to the party. I never really saw him talking to anyone the entire time I was over that way, but when he finally made it into the back part of the room I stopped him to talk to him. I started out by asking him how he heard about the party. He explained one of his friends who works in PR for a jewelry firm had invited him, but then bailed last minute, but he decided to come. Now this entire time I'm trying to be cool and light, but in the end I was the aggressor in our little few minute chat. I mentioned to him that I thought he was very attractive (SO UNLIKE ME), then offered to introduce him to some of my friends so he wouldn't be so lonely.

One of my other friends DJD ended up walking over and apparently knows Youngun (or at least Youngun said he knew him). I left them together talking and continued to work the room, but before leaving him I handed him my business card and I told him coyly that I hoped he used it. I ended up chatting with my friend Brooke later that night and she said she finally figured out where she knew him from. Apparently they take a boxing class together, but she also broke the news to me that he was young too. Before he left for the night he made sure to say bye and give me a nice hug goodbye. Then this morning I woke up and couldn't remember his name, but I did remember how cute I thought he was... SIGH.

Throughout the course of the night I made a point to speak to as many men (and people) as possible and I exchanged business cards with quite a few. A couple have already dropped me nice e-mails or phone calls, most pertaining to some business opportunities, but all in I hope I can turn some of my new acquaintances into friends at least.

Tonight my friend JF and I are going to see Michael Ian Black at Caroline's and then I'm planning to hit up another party if I still have the energy afterwards. I also have a couple of other parties to go to this weekend - it is definitely birthday season now! I wish you all a safe and happy weekend. Please try stay warm if you're here in the NYC area. Next week I have a few plans lined up so there won't be as much lag in blog activity.


Georgia Peach

PS - I haven't followed up with any of my speed daters nor have any called me yet either. I think I'll try it again soon with a more targeted group though.


HipHopGuy said...

It was a nice event G money. Thanks for the invite. Have a great a weekend.

Brooke said...

Good party last night. TOTALLY not what I thought it would be, but fun nonetheless. Liz definitely kept me entertained, good times!

roodster said...

Miss Peach
great party last night and it was great seeing you in your element

E. Payne said...

It sounds like it was an exciting time! Don't sweat Young'n, if it's meant to be (even superficially)...

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks all I'm so thankful and happy you were all able to come out and support.

E- I'm definitely not sweating the Youngun, but I had a good time flirting it was nice practice. :o)