Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Foolish pride?

Good morning to all of you today:

What a great morning (after)? Yesterday was historic.; we finally made it official -- Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. Yesterday I was so excited all day long that in all of that excitement it never dawned on me that I didn't hear from the bodybuilder to confirm our date today. I'm sort of bummed, but also realize that we talked about confirming doing either Wednesday or Thursday, although from our phone conversation I definitely got the feeling that he wanted to shoot for something today. So no word, no date.

So what if he called me in the next hour to set something up would I would not accept? No I couldn't accept a last minute date because my pride is way too big to accept it. Yep I said it... I have a little thing called pride and I refuse to let anybody get the best of me. Now I like to think of my pride as my little protector. But here's the real deal - it is my opinion that a man, woman, tranny, whatever should always set up and confirm dates well in advance (unless we're in a serious relationship). My pride and I do not being treated like the "after thought" or the "chic on the side." Respecct is something I expect out of my mates and I hope that you all agree with me about this matter.

Now I've talked a bit about pride and respect today, but in the spirit of change (in me and in my country) I'm willing to overlook the fact that he didn't reach out to me yesterday given all of the Inauguration Fever. How many of you would reach out to the bodybuilder if you didn't hear from him? When is it appropriate to reach out (I'm thinking NEVER, but realistically maybe by end of tomorrow?) Pride tells me that I should not be the one to call; let's be real here "I NEVER CALL ANYBODY" because that is just how me and my pride roll. Which might be why I'm still single at 30 years old too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter? Should I give him a call, email or text in a day or two if I still haven't heard from him? Feel free to drop me a line in my comment box.


Georgia Peach


Brooke said...

Well, it depends. Did he say he was going to call you to confirm, or did you leave it up in the air as to who was going to do what? If there was nothing set in stone, I'd say reach out to him.

I totally understand the pride thing, but this is new to both of you and there are no rules. Men like women who take initiative as well. Your pride only comes into play if you think you'll be rejected or dissed in some way. But clearly you two were vibing and I'm sure he'd love to hear from you. He could be sitting at home thinking the same thing that you're thinking.."Did I say I was going to call today or tomorrow? Did we set something up?"

I know, I know...he should be "the man" and call you to set it up. But if you want to meet him, then you set it up. Take the lead. Take a chance! I don't see anything wrong with it. Send him a text - I would just be like, "hey all the excitement yesterday, I may have lost track of my days and I wasn't clear on if we set something up for today or tomorrow. If you'd still like to meet for a quick coffee, let me know, thanks!"

what's it gonna hurt!? :-)

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks Brooke! We did leave it that he was going to check his schedule and confirm with me though.

Brooke said...

Hmmm...well then yeah, I feel you. I'd give it one more day before you made him Black History

HipHopGuy said...

I think maybe you should go with the flow. Just set your boundaries politely and if he does it again then link up with someone else.

Women have 930,000,000 stipulations that only THEY know about(a man should wear his watch on his left toe, a man should comb his hair diagonally, a man should know I like hot cheese)

He is trying to get a date not join the CIA. How would he know unless you give him a chance to get to know you?

Give him a call. The whole point was to reach out and try something new. -Jay Digital

Georgia Peach said...

It's so interesting to hear both of your perspectives...everyone else (who was too chicken to comment here) told me I should definitely NEXT him. I'll think about it Jay Digital (like the new name by the way), but I honestly think his not calling is just a lack of interest. I'm ok with that too you know? Thanks for the love both of you! I love it.

HipHopGuy said...

Yo you need to post some pictures of you drop kicking a midget or something on here or walk around with merchandise you know somebody gave you to wear in the first place like People magazine. Just my thoughts. -Jay Digital

Georgia Peach said...

Um that's totally random Jay Digi, but I'll consider it. thanks again for all the great feedback.

MK said...

I've always gone with what I want for both calling & dates. As in - do I want to go out with him? Do i want to talk to him? If I'm okay with waiting, I'll wait, or if he's not calling I'll call and see what's up. I don't so much see it as a pride thing, as a "what do I want, and what can i do to get it?" thing. If I really do want to go out with him, and he calls and asks to go out that night/the next, if I'm free & want to go, I'll go. Why not? It beats sitting at home.

Georgia Peach said...

Kellen - I think that's great advice. I'm going to keep that in mind moving forward and hey I might call this guy, although at this point I really don't want/have to...