Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

So a good friend of mine has challenged me to do a few things this year (as listed below):

1) Get my ass off my couch and start dating
2) Be a lot more open minded about whom I date in general
3) Stop picking the guy apart before he even gets a 2nd date

Why would Georgia Peach do this you might ask yourself? Well... I'm hoping that this little experiment will get me out of my rut, land me a fabulous boyfriend and make me a much better person at the end of this adventure. I'm defintely a little anal rentitive and picky (to a fault) so I think trying out all types of dating and making myself more social will be a fun experiment. I welcome all of your advice, hook-ups with your cute male friends and support over the next year! Hopefully this blog will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Just a little about my plan for dating. Yesterday was the first day in my adventure and I signed up for a Young Professional's speed dating. Today with the help of my good friend Global Jay I wrote the most wonderful Craigslist Posting I've ever seen. Ok maybe it wasn't the most wonderful, but I loved it in the end. Global Jay and my other friend Sassy S helped me to sort through some of the responders to find a couple of suitable men with which to correspond and set up subsequent coffee dates. My promise to you my dear readers it to leave NO stone unturned, to try most legal methods of dating (match.com, yahoo personals, nerve.com) accept all invitations for parties, soirees and AGAIN I encourage you to give me your best advice, cute male friends and tips on how I can become a better dater.

So to all of my co-workers who are praying for me to find a man - I have accepted your challenge and will let you know how things are going periodically through my blog. Thanks in advance for all the love and support. My friends really are the best! Oh and if you haven't noticed already I plan to change all names to protect the innocent (and most importantly of all myself!)


Georgia Peach


Peggy said...

Good luck!!!
I did what you're planning on doing about 6 years ago and then again 3 years ago and I had a BALL. My objective was to be open-minded and to have fun. The number one person on my list to please was God and then myself. I never did the on-line dating nor did I join any on-line groups, but I did go out and enjoy life. I volunteered, joined a poetry club, went to movies, lounges, plays,vacations, church, concerts, walks in the park or just sitting in the park with a good book, ect. I did all of this alone or with company (girlfriend, male friend or a date) I met tall men, short men, white men, spanish men, italian men, indian men and of course my brothers, different religious backgrounds, different political beliefs, etc. It was amazing...I laughed at myself a lot during that time. BTW, I didn't date vagabonds. LOL
Things were on my terms, it was empowering...oh and I said no A LOT!!! Hee Hee Hee
Anywho, again good luck and remember have fun

Georgia Peach said...

Thank you Peggy for commenting and becoming my first blogger. Your story makes me feel better about doing this and I'll take your advice and make sure I add joining groups and remembering to keep pleasing God in it all. I personally don't like online dating, but I figured it is the best way to kick start things for me and so far I've been surprised by some of the responses. Personally I prefer meeting someone the first time in person. That might end up as one of the topics of my blog somewhere down the line.

Most importantly I love hearing that you felt comfortable enough saying "No" a lot! That was something I was afraid of doing too much of, but I think hearing that it's ok to do it is fine too. I will not be dating any vagabonds although they sure love hitting on me! hahaha... I can't wait to truly begin this experience and I'll do my best to keep it interesting.

E. Payne said...

Hey Miss, Good Luck in this endeavor. A word to the wise from the world of men: don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person..."Why would Georgia Peach do this you might ask yourself?"

I'm following so I'll be in your business to add my two cents.

Georgia Peach said...

Guess the 3rd person is a habit of playing around on Facebook way too much. I'll keep it in mind for future posts. Thanks E!

Brooke said...

Gleana! I'm so sorry I missed this yesterday! But I'm on now, so you know I'm gonna have A LOT to say! Congrats on your blog and I commend you for putting it all out there.

So many times we women are so busy trying to appear like we don't NEED a man or a relationship. But I say it's okay to WANT these things, and to go out and make it happen.

My same friends who ask me why I'm still single are the same ones who balk at me when I say I've joined an online dating site. When I ask them what suggestions they have or what they would have me do instead.......crickets.......

I say, don't be afraid to try new things and do what makes you comfortable. And like you said, as long as it's pleasing to you and God, you can't go wrong. I support you in this endeavor and I'm glad you're including us every step of the way!

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks Brooke! Can't wait for your feedback on these. I'm already having a lot of fun with this.