Friday, January 23, 2009

Try try again...

Hello my faithful readers:

First of all I have to say TGIF! This week feels like it has been one of the longest in my lifetime. I took a break from writing the blog yesterday because quite frankly I had a bit of writers block and not much to report. I think I needed a little bit of an attitude adjustment and I plan to do that by keeping myself plenty busy over the next few weeks.

Just to update you on my plight last night I went out to a party for Surface Magazine at Operation Boutique down in Soho. It was super crowded and full of beautiful and surprisingly tall people. My friend C and I crammed our bodies into the space, waded through the clothing and bodies to head to the most important part of the party - the bar. After grabbing drinks we pushed our way over to the coat check where we realized we probably wouldn't stay long because the place was seriously packed in so much that we felt like they were definitely violating fire safety codes. We small talked with a few people at the party, but all in the experience was "physically crushing" because of all the bodies. Before we left, I exchanged cards with a nice gentleman who works in real estate. He gave us a few suggestions of other parties to hit before the end of the night, but we both needed to eat by that point so we went to Bar 89.

While dining at Bar 89 C told the story of how she and her boyfriend met. She has unwittingly convinced me that I probably should move back to Georgia to meet the man of my dreams. She's known her guy since she was in elementary school and they met and reconnected several times before getting together because they have mutual friends. I know that many of my friends have met their significant others through mutual friends. Something to think about eh? On a random note I was excited to see that the actor who was "Uncle Phil" in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was also eating there too.

My weekend looks like it will be action packed! Tonight I'm going SPEED DATING! I'm quite excited about tonight because speed dating appeals to my dislike for wasting time. What's better than spending 3 minutes in person with a guy to determine if you'd like to pursue another longer date? There might be other better options, but at this point the idea sounds pretty good to me. So as I brush up on my 60 second pitch (or maybe I should make it 30 seconds?) wish me luck tonight!

Here's what I have on tap for the rest of the weekend. Saturday night I will be hitting up my friend Bianca's potluck birthday celebration. Sunday I'm heading to a cigar bar to celebrate my friend Paul's birthday. Just a note about the whole cigar bar thing- I'm definitely NOT a smoker and I'm not even sure how long I'll be able to stand the smoke in the bar, but one of my friends said that she went to one recently and met lots of handsome men there. As I have mentioned before I'll give all legal dating methods, destinations, etc. a shot (at least once).

So have a great weekend! For all of you NYC'ers stay warm the temp is supposed to drop again tomorrow. The cold always makes me lazy and that's when I blow off plans the most so I'm really going to do my best to make it out to everything I've written today. Thanks again for all of the support and advice. Stay warm and have a great weekend!


Georgia Peach

PS - Still haven't heard from the bodybuilder guy, but surprisingly many of you thought I should at least give him another call, so I might swallow my pride and call one last time.


E. Payne said...

Good luck, Georgia Peach. Have a great weekend as well.

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks E! I'm really looking forward to this weekend.

Brooke said...

Body Builder has one day more before he's Black History - keep it movin! LOL!!

Okay, maybe that was mean, but that's how I feel right may change tomorrow :-)

The cold makes me lazy too and I just want to stay curled up on my couch. I have a lot of rest to catch up on so I plan on holing myself up and watching ALL of Season 4 of Lost before I jump into this season.

Good luck with the Speed Dating, I've always had a secret interest in that...let us all know how it goes - as I'm sure you will!

Have a great weekend all!

Peggy said...

Oh my goodness, speed dating...YOU GO GIRL. I can't wait to hear how it goes
I hope you have a ball tonight and this weekend. Remember to have a good time and to be open minded.
Laugh A LOT!!!

As far as Mr Body Builder, at this point I wouldn't even bother calling him

MissJenn666 said...

Hi Gleana! I am loving the blog!!! I had to waiting for the weekend to read it, sorry I haven't commented yet! I love reading the stories, keep up the good work!!! Have a great weekend. PS I have had a list on what I want in a guy for a while, I think mine is too picky though, lol!
J Fed

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks to Peggy and Jenn! I really appreciate the comments and guys the bodybuilder is now in the "Black History" folder as far as I'm concerned. NEXT! I really appreciate all the love and support and will keep the stories coming for you.

Georgia Peach said...

PS Jenn - I had a much longer list it has exactly 30 things on it, but I haven't completely let go of it yet.