Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stop being an IDIOT

Good morning my faithful readers:

I have to start off by making comment about how historic today is- Can you believe that the day is finally here when Barack Hussein Obama officially becomes the 44th President of the United States of America. Wow! This is so exciting to me and I hope to find a love like the President and his first lady share. I was touched and awed as I saw them getting ready to go to the church service and what struck me most of all was the fact that although today is probably one of the most important days of his life - he still went to open the door for Michelle before going to the other side to open his own door. I was blown away by this small gesture and I have to say that for me. I look up to the First Couple as a pattern for how I'd like to conduct myself in my next serious relationship.

Now back to the topic at hand...On Friday when I last left you all I'd had one of the most disappointing first phone calls ever. On the bright side (as I choose to see it!) dude let his crazy out early on in the game so that I wasted no time on him, which for me is a HUGE plus in my eyes. Needless to say I sent him an e-mail over the weekend politely letting him know that I didn't think we had enough in common for us to meet in person.

Later that day I got a nice surprise in my inbox and what might this surprise be you're asking yourself? An e-mail from one of the guys that I'd responded to earlier that week (grudgingly) I might add. I say grudgingly because although the guy seems great in e-mail (he meets my height requirements, very attractive, seems to have mastered the English language) I was already making up reasons to not respond to him.

Here's a little sample of my inner monologue that I am now actively fighting back on a daily basis:

He's a personal trainer and says that he believes the body is a temple

I think that he will judge me and all of the brownies, cupcakes, cookies, candies and mac n cheese that I love to stuff myself with so why even bother trying. He will just judge me and all my crap foods and my doughy body.

His email was nice and well written, but it wasn't the wittiest e-mail I received

He must be boring if his e-mail to me is boring... plus he's a personal trainer, what would we have in common since I HATE the gym?

He was born in Jamaica

Uh oh - He's Jamaican! I don't know about this... my track record with the Caribbean men so far hasn't been so great. They are all possessive and clingy and I just don't have time for that!

His name is...

Corny! Who has a name like that! Did he change it to that? Plus he's a bodybuilder...I just don't know if I can date anyone that purposefully made their name into something so corny to benefit their career. (Unless his parents did this to him.)

I'll let you all in on a little secret -- I'm GREAT at talking myself out of a good thing. As my friend MILF threatens me nearly everyday at work I will end up becoming a crazy cat lady if I don't stop it (plain and simple). I believe that so far the recipe for my single life of late has been 1/3 self preservation, 1/3 laziness and the final 1/3 me being an IDIOT. So my pledge to you today my dear readers is that I will stop being a lazy, idiot! Yes I said it - I pledge here and now that I will stop being a LAZY IDIOT! So if you happen to see me talking stepping into the lazy idiot zone please feel free to gently nudge me out of it. Especially now that my country and the world at large is changing to a place that needs me to be an energized, more open minded, loving, human being.

So I called the guy (whom I will now refer to as bodybuilder) last night, he seemed to be pretty normal and we tentatively made plans for a coffee date on tomorrow (Wednesday). I'll let you know how that turns out later this week, but for now I'm clamping down on the negative crap that cycles through my brain.


Georgia Peach

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Brooke said...

Wow! I could so relate to this. Whenever a guy responds to my profile online and he has a nice build or says that he works out 6 days a week (and you can TELL he does), I immediately get self conscious. I would love it if one of them would help me out with a work-out regimen, but I always feel like they'd rather TRAIN me than DATE me :-) Finally I had to let all that go and just go for it. I also realized that most of the men I date have great bodies and still want to date me anyway.....so I needed to stop trippin :-)

I think we all do it at times. Self doubt can get the best of us to the point where it paralyzes us. Stepping out of our comfort zone and testing our fears takes courage, but I'm sure we can slowly break thru our fears to come out successful on the other side - whether it's in our love lives, our careers, anything we set our sights on.

This was a great reminder to stop getting in our own way. Who knows what lies on the other side if we just allow ourselves to take a peek and go for it. I'll happily nudge you out of any negativity (or as you call "idiot laziness" so that you can get yours!

Happy Day!

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks Brooke! I appreciate it. I'm glad you could relate and I think this is something that we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. It's just taking me a little longer to deal with it because I have been so lazy about it. Hopefully by the end of this I'll have learned enough to truly get out of my own way.