Friday, January 16, 2009

Pay attention to those red flags...

Hello to my faithful readers:

First off I have to say TGIF! This has been one hell of a week. I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the miracle US Airways "Splash" landing in the Hudson River yesterday. Since I'm constantly flying around for work this one definitely hit pretty close to home and I thank God that everyone was able to survive that crash. This has also been a landmark week for me because I launched this blog. YEAH. I want to thank everyone who has commented, e-mailed me or IM'd me with your comments, they are appreciated. I'd also be a piss poor marketer if I didn't encourage you all to post your comments here on the blog and better yet, become one of my followers (especially if you like what you're reading).

Enough of my shameless self promotion. Last night I called the promising prospect from Craigslist. To say I was disappointed might be the understatement of the YEAR! This isn't me just being my normal picky self... he's definitely a character, just not someone I wish to include in the sitcom I call my life. My alarm bells were clanging all through out our conversation, but especially because right off the bat because he asks me how much I weigh. When I refused to give him any info he then asked my dress size. WTF? Again I repeat this was the first warning sign to me. Especially since this is the guy that although he had some really clever, well written e-mails to me, barely provided me any info about himself; nor did he send a picture. Well he tells me that his main questions for me are how many degrees I have? What's my IQ? And what are my sexual habits? Right out of the gate! I'll tell you that the only question I answered was how many degrees I have. Who remembers what their IQ is unless they are a card carrying member of MENSA?

My night gets even better because he proceeds to get into this long involved story about how he's a divorcee (short marriage which ended almost 9 years ago). At this point I'm not judging him, but the fact that this isn't something you normally expect to get into in the first phone conversation took me aback. I asked a few basic questions that he tried to wriggle out of like a slippery fish. When asked what his business was (in his e-mails to me he said he was self employed) his response was he didn't wish to tell me what he does "because he felt it might cause me to make unfair judgements about him." When I asked how old he was he evasively said he was "In his 40's." By his voice I would guesstimate that he's probably closer to 50 than the lower end of 40.

When we get into conversation about interests and types of music and he said the thing that caused me to decide I absolutely could never be interested in this man (GASP) "he doesn't consider hip hop to be real music." Now I never considered myself to be the biggest defender of hip hop or its merits as an art form, but I felt my heart clench when he said those words. I think I was speechless for about 3 minutes, I just let him ramble on and kept saying "Ok, ok, okkkkkkkk." As for his living arrangements he lives uptown in Manhattan (155th and Amsterdam) and he has a young, college aged female roommate. Apparently she is from Sweden and he keeps roommates (in an apt he has lived in for 20 years mind you!) to keep costs down. He also seemed to be a little judgemental of me saying that although I live in Brooklyn I tend to hang out more in the city. I won't type his retort to that other than to say that I was made very aware of how narrow minded he seems to be.

The kicker for the entire conversation for me is that this guy asks if I have any pets, says he has a parrot, then proceeds to tell me about how he used to take the parrot outside and on the train and bus all the time until the city started giving tickets for having the bird in public. He ranted about the fact that the city gives tickets to people who have birds on the buses and trains, imagine that? To me that was the biggest red flag that this guy might be a little unstable.

So perhaps I am being a little too judgemental or picky (MILF I can hear you saying to me that it takes nothing to go on a date), but I honestly believe that I have very little in common with this man. I'd initially called him to set up an in person coffee date, but at the end of our call I realized that if I went on the date it would be for the sole purpose of creating a sensational date story for this blog. Although it would probably make for a great story, I think I'll save myself the wasted time. I can admit that I'm disappointed, I fell in love with the e-mails this guy wrote. Now I know that sometimes it isn't just about the written word, but what a person is like in the flesh (or in my case on the phone).

As promised yesterday here is my list of qualities that I definitely DON'T WANT in my mate:

1) Someone who is narrow minded
2) Liars
3) Problems with addictions (of any kinds)
4) Time wasters
5) Unstable (financially, mentally, whatever!)
6) Stupidity
7) Someone who doesn't know how to manage their money
8) Womanizers
9) Short in height (hey I'm 5'10)
10) Inarticulate

Do you have a DON'T list? If so feel free to post yours in my comments section.

Have a great weekend! I'm going out tonight with some of my girls to do one of my favorite things in the world KARAOKE! I'll also be hanging out with friends over the course of the long weekend. Hope you get out too!


Georgia Peach


momo925 said...

In this case I don't think you are being picky at all. Clearly this guys is a weirdo! lol Going on a date with him would be a total waste of time. How are you in your 40's/50's and still have a roommate? NEXT! LOL

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks Mo - I agree. I was like you really have a roommate on what is probably a rent controlled apt? Really, seriously?

Anonymous said...

Um...damn. where to start on this one. IQ? I have no idea what mine is. He didn't even disclose his age in his response? That is not info that should be considered a courtesy, it should be a requirement. Any dating site asks you to give it. His take on hip-hop? Um, does he know where you used to work?! I'm almost afraid to imagine where HE works, since he couldn't even bring himself to tell you (yet he wants you to tell him your weight AND is completely comfortable telling a complete stranger that he walks around with a parrot on public transport). LOL. Can someone say "boundaries"? I could go on and ON, but bottom line you are NOT being picky or harsh, this dude is a weirdo. I'm with momo...NEXT!

Georgia Peach said...

I feel vindicated. The overwhelming response from the pnut gallery here at work is that the guy was indeed crazy. What I'm most thankful for is that he let his crazy show so early on. Just so sad that he's such an amazing e-mail writer. Sheebs I didn't even bother to get into where I work. He wasn't interested in that info - all he wanted to know was about the f'g IQ.

mo said...

You know I would be the first to say give someone a chance but this guy had too many red flags....
I must Say I would have gone to coffee to see if he brought the bird. :)

The Roodster

Brooke said...

Birdman was buggin, that's all I have to say. How can he ask you all these personal questions, yet won't disclose something as simple as his age or his occupation!? Not like you asked him to quote the Pythagorean Theorem or something - which he should be able to do since he's so damn worried about IQ's.

But once you brought up the parrot, I was thru. Huh? All I thought about was that Birdman dude who walks around Manhattan "cooing" at everyone. Your boy has issues. No need for you to be involved in all that crazy...cuz after all...only crazy understands crazy.

As far as my "don't's" list, yours and mine would be identical except for the height thing. I've dated men shorter than me, and while I wouldn't prefer it, I've relaxed my standard on that one. The tall men I'm attracted to always seem to be attracted to short women, so I find that I can't be too picky in this area. If a guy is a great guy in EVERY sense of the word, but happens to be shorter than I am, then I'd consider myself fortunate that that's the only bad thing I had to say about him. And it's not a "bad" thing, it just is what it is. You'd be surprised how many short men wanna climb this tree! If you think you can, then bring it! LOL!

Funny post!

MK said...

That dude is nuts. Seriously. You are also inspiring me to date more...just for the comedy factor, even though it might require me talking to strangers and leaving my house... shudder...


Georgia Peach said...

Yes - just so I close the loop with all of you guys I sent this guy an e-mail over the weekend to tell him I was no longer interested in meeting up in person. I think he was expecting it honestly.

Brooke - I still haven't given up hope of finding someone taller than me. That's just my preference and usually they do come my way.

Kellen - I strongly encourage you to do will have LOTS of laughs if you do. So far I'm having a ball.

E. Payne said...

All of this is looking and sounding good, GP. It looks like you're off and running with an insightful and comment generating blog.